Is Owning Your Own Business Riskier Than Having A Job

Business can be compared to climbing a mountain. The roads are full of ups and downs; it is terrifying and definitely risky. The risk is there in every aspect you see in life, but businesses seem to be blessed with extra risks. According to statistical inference, most of the new businesses fail. This may not be true with entrepreneurs with veins of ice. Plus, if you have a family to take care of, you should steer clear of new businesses unless you do not have to worry about their financial aspect and their living.

Life is risky, thus choose your risk intelligently.

You can say that jobs are risky too as there will be kind of a bet whether the company is well-run enough to survive the economy’s twists and turns or not. The company is always going keep you on your toes. You can be left without a safety net Wuthering in nowhere. You can cut down a lot of risk by getting a job at the office. Crossing the roads can be riskier if your vision is of a life where you will be spending all of your non-work hours in front of your television surrounded by your family then you should never go for a business venture.

You will get quoted all the time about how businessmen are getting doomed. If you slightly mention that you are thinking about starting a business, your relative will definitely shoot them up. The statistics compiled by government agencies will never give you the perfect picture of what those failures actually look like.

The statistics also will not tell you how many experiments were. They don’t tell you what experiences the failures have taught the business owners. They will shy away from telling you how many of those businesses changed into something more fun and more profitable. Statistics alone cannot tell you how the motivation worked for these successful businessmen and companies.

Risk of no customers turning up.

The business is not really risky but the actual problem lies in the mentality of the customers. Commoners will not drop out of the sky just because it is so cool a venture. Marketing feels are weird and so is selling, and sometimes it feels impossible. Making excuses for not pushing out of your comfort cocoon is not a solution. Great products need to be marketed and sold and they just do not sell themselves. It has to be made in to a great one. It requires immense effort. So, if effort is not your thing, go for a job.

The will also be flat if you go on to believe that marketing and selling are for other people. It is a completely wrong notion. You can manage your risk to a degree that you never thought possible and this would be helping you immensely. Learn something about copywriting and direct response. Effective salesmanship through in text, video, or audio is what is to be learned. Learn to market yourself to a larger audience.

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What Are the Pluses and Minuses of A Partnership for a Business

There are uncountable ups and downs during business partnerships so developing one successfully is a big deal. There are pluses and minuses of every partnership business, and it is important to know the basic ones so as to understand the type of venture that is suited for you. This is especially true for small businesses or startups. Having a business partnership can allow the company in entering new markets and reach customers faster. However, on the other hand they will also need you to give up certain controls over the product and customer experience.

The allowance and withdrawal depends on the type of roles that the business takes with the partnership. In this article we shall study about the possible pluses and minuses of a partnership for business.

Pluses of a business partnership.

Let’s first look at the positive aspect of a partnership.

Accessing new markets: If you partner with a company in a different region or country, a small business can rapidly grow across the country. It can also expand internationally. This can be done without having physical offices. There will be teams in every place around the world. They will cater to the needs of willing customers in that region.

Duet campaigns of marketing: It is very well known that marketing is an expensive affair. So if share the resources for the duet branded marketing campaigns then it can really help distribute the funds available for marketing purpose. It will also allow a business to be even more creative. There can be new and innovative ways of marketing business, products and services.

Enriched client base: There will be undoubtedly a host of new opportunities if you enter in to a business partnership. If you have a good partner then he or she will be able to make valuable introductions. This is turn will help you to get products or services for your target customers.

Minuses of a business partnership.

The cons should also be considered.

Customers can be unsatisfied: Suppose if your partner is handling services and interactions with the customer, and they face an unsteady situation, then it will result to an unsatisfactory experience. This will poorly affect your business. The business partner should then be adequately trained and blind tests should be taken

Untimely payments: It is always better to have revenue share agreements. It becomes really important to ensure that the payment processes are clearly defined. It is nothing unnatural for a small business to get into financial trouble. This happens mostly while shipping large orders. When payments are not received on time is leads to a blunder.

Lost band name: If small businesses happen to tie up with big names then it is actually possible for the latter to completely whitewash the former’s brand. The big ones will only use them as a medium of production and service.


Before entering into a business partnership it is important to look compatibility in several levels. This will be beneficiary is executive as well as management sectors.

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When Should I Quit My Job to Start a Business

In today’s world startups have gained a lot of popularity. But still there are many people who are having a lot of doubts regarding whether they will be able to flourish in a business of their own. One of the most asked question regarding starting a new job is – why should you leave your old job and start a business? The most important answer to this question is that you will be your own boss!

You will not be answerable to anyone else nor will you to dictate by anyone else’s rules. You are free to take your own decisions and will be allowed to do what you feel is best for your business. Another important thing is that your work will earn for you own yourself and not for someone else. When you are working in someone else’s company. You are actually earning for that person in lieu of which you will get some salary or remuneration. But how would you know that when is the right time to start your own business?

These following questions will help you to answer the above laid question.

Do you have enough saving to last you a few years of no earning?

There is a high chance that the first few years if your business, you will be flat broke. This is inevitable. When you are starting a business you will first have to test the waters initially. This period might take from a few months to a few years. But the important thing is that during this period there is a high chance that you might not earn anything.

So you need to have a substantial amount of savings in order to cope with these few years. If the answer to this question is yes, then you can leave your job and get all geared up to start your own business.

Are you sure your idea of a startup will fly?

There are many ideas floating around that will make extremely good startup business. But then are those ideas which have substantial proof that they will not work. So before you take any drastic step, it is important that you have evidence that your startup will work. You need to do a little bit of a market survey to get the idea. Another important thing is that you need to talk to professionals who can help you by giving knowledge regarding the business you want to enter.

Are you a problem solver?

When you want to open a startup of your own, always remember that there are going to be n number of obstacles. So you need to be a problem solver if you want to handle these problems and overcome your obstacles. Make sure that you are strong willed and will be able to hold your ground strong.

You have to be sure that the answer to these questions are a solid yes, before you leave your job and start a business. Also be ready to give up on a large part of your social life as you will be required to investment a huge chunk of your time to the new business.

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Tell the Politicians You DON’T WANT to be a JOB Servant!

One of the issues that the professional politicians never seem to understand is that good jobs are very difficult to find and keep in the US today.

Worse still most of the available jobs are low paying, menial jobs that pay poorly and leave no room for anything resembling a ‘career’.

That what a ‘service economy’ is. It’s really a crappy job economy. Just ask the Europeans. They have lots of unemployed people with university educations, just as we do. Many Australians don’t even plan on having anything except a job that gives them enough income to hit a bar or pub a few times a week.

And, it’s getting every bit as bad for us.

Job hunters with stellar majors and degrees can’t find and, more importantly, keep good jobs that will give them and their families a reasonably comfortable lifestyle.

And the blame can fall on both political parties.

Many people who need medical care cannot pay for it even if they have insurance because they can’t afford it on top of the cost of the insurance.

Many people who have an education can’t pay off their loans when they get out of school and go to work in some minimum wage job.

Many people can’t buy their prescriptions.

Many people can’t pay a plumber. So they ignore building codes and patch things together DIY.

People who can will open businesses and look desperately for customers who can afford to buy whatever they are selling.

We know a financial executive who had several good jobs in manufacturing until most manufacturing left the US after the various Free Trade agreements.

We know doctors and hospitals who are flirting with bankruptcy because insurance companies delay paying them for months and even years for treatment already rendered. Plus doctors have really big student loans they can’t pay.

It’s more and more difficult to make a living, no matter what kind of jobs people aspire to qualify for in this crappy economy.

Not only did the jobs go away in manufacturing.

Many were lost to the tax incentives that encouraged all American companies to off shore operations to places where labor was cheaper.

So now we have an economy where people can make minimum wage for their entire working life without prospects for promotion or being able to earn retirement or have decent employer paid medical care or retirement.

Education costs way more money in student loans and the educations received for that outrageous cost do not help the students find good jobs.

The above mentioned executive has a degree in business and accounting and a minor in math. He’s also a stellar financial and statistical analyst. But he still cannot get even an interview. The way employers see it is he worked in manufacturing so he could not work in any other industry because of his experience…or lack of it.

Many of the workers who lost these jobs have never found another job. They are many of the unemployed millions in America who are part of the large block of unemployed between the ages of 18 and 59 years old, many of them men, having reached unprecedented highs. Only about 64 % of this group are employed, near the lowest percentage of working age people in the history of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Politicians are currently hiding that these are people who are ignored in unemployment statistics because they have given up finding jobs.

Ross Perot predicted it when he said, “That great sucking sound is jobs leaving the US.”

Every president including Bill Clinton, regardless of party affiliation, has supported and passed free trade agreements during his presidency, touting them as being good for the economy.

What has really happened is that the economy is very poor because no one can make a living, so they can’t buy stuff…even stuff they really need…and the economy does not run when people can’t afford to buy stuff.

The well is running dry folks. Welcome to reality.

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What is Factoring?

There are various methods to expedite a business procedure. One of such method is factoring. Often people have doubt about the concept of factoring. Especially the new entrepreneurs and business owners have queries regarding this term. If you have this confusion too then do not worry, because your entire concept is going to be cleared now.

About factoring:

Factoring is a transaction in business. This transaction is the process of selling the accounts receivable or invoices to a third party as opposed to an ABL Loan where you pledge your working capital (usually accounts receivables and inventory but sometimes accounts receivables only). The third party is a financial company who is known as a factor. This process helps the business to receive cash more quickly. Instead of waiting for your customer payment for 30 or 60 days, you can get your payment instantly. Factoring is also known as “accounts receivable financing”.


Benefits of factoring:

Now the question is why to choose to factor? There are various reasons why factoring is considered best for several businesses. The main advantage of this system is that it helps in a quick boost of the cash flows in the business. There are several factoring companies that give cash within 24 hours. This is very beneficial for solving short-term cash flow problems. Other than this there are few other advantages of factoring and they are:

  • Factoring can provide you necessary capital at the time of emergency
  • The financing does not show up on the balance sheet as debt.
  • Factoring quality is not based on your own credit but on the customer’s credit
  • Factoring has no limit to the amount of financing
  • It helps to manage immediate cash flows in the business.

These advantages help your business to boost and prosper. There are various advantages of factoring that you can adapt and succeed. Factoring helps in many ways to make your business smooth and easy.

Easy steps to factoring:

You can choose factoring in simple steps. There are five simple steps that can give you the opportunity to take the advantage of factoring.

  • You have to perform a service for your customer. This is the first thing that you should do.
  • In the next step, you have to send your invoice to the factoring company. This would ensure the company about your wants and records.
  • The factoring company will give you cash in advance on you an invoice.
  • The factoring company will collect full payment from you customer. It is done after your cash is paid to you.
  • In the final step the factoring company pays you the rest amount of your invoice. They will deduct the fee at the time of payment.

A better future in business:

Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient way of boosting your business, then factoring is the best options for you. You can surely adapt this method as it is very simple and lucrative. This can give you a better outcome and huge performance of your business. Factoring is adapted by many companies recently. If you are looking for this system, then hurry up and join the system. This can give you better business future.

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